The DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH (DBI) is one of the leading German Gas institutes. Since 1956 DBI has experience and outstanding knowledge in gas technologies, research and development, innovative engineering, gas- and innovative technologies and gas strategic problems (policies, regulation, legislation, standards and certification). Besides research, orders of the industry are processed. This concerns e.g. plant engineering and planning, analysis, consulting and training. The main activity fields are: Oil/ gas production and storage, gas grids and gas systems, gas utilization, Gas chemistry and gas measurement, Renewable energies with the main focus on biogas, independent test centre for gas and energy engineering, centre for education and further training of energy industry employees. Over the past years, DBI has evolved into one of the best known engineering and research companies in Europe in field of natural gas research and technological development (RTD). The business segments are geared towards the increasing demands and options in the energy and environmental related industry as well as constant improvement of our own competences.