MARTECMA meeting

MemCCSea project was presented by DNV in MARine TEChnical Managers Association Meeting (MARTECMA) on April 22nd, 2021. The vision, objectives, policies and council members of the MARine TEChnical Managers Association Meeting are described below.



To be a Leading Association representing the majority of Technical Managers located in Hellas or of Hellenic interests.


  • To be an internationally recognised, consistent, reliable and uniform voice of Hellenic ship managers
  • Enhancement of Quality, Safety, Security and Environment friendly procedures in ship management.
  • Fraternity and discipline between members.
  • Consolidation of views and practices.
  • Keeping members aware, updated, abreast and proactive in view of the rapidly changing regulatory regime, shipmanagement practice and technology.


  • Share of experience within members, in a discrete and confidential manner.
  • Members broad and active involvement in MARTECMA committees and meetings.
  • Encouraging members to actively participate in international shipmanagement and technical working groups, committees and forums.
  • Strong presence and documented influence in the decision making shipmanagement and technical forums.
  • Develop business relations and joint committees with Hellenic Owners, Flags and Classification Societies.
  • Organise frequent meetings with Flags and Classification Societies.
  • Organise frequent meetings with leading Makers and service providers.

Council Members

  • Chairman : Stavros Hatzigrigoris (Angelikoussis Group)
  • Vice President : Panos Kourkountis (Seatraders S.A) - Dimitrios Heliotis (Target Marine S.A / Horizon Tankers Ltd S.A)
  • General Secretary : Panos Zachariadis (Atlantic Bulk Carriers)
  • Treasurer : Andreas Spertos (Maran Gas Maritime)
  • Members : Sokratis Dimakopoulos (Minerva Marine) - Miltiadis Synnefias (Pleiades Shipping) - Haris Giantzikis (Arcadia Ship Management) � Bernardos Kon/nos � (Halkidon Shipping Corp.)